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Practice Management Solutions


Every practice is NOT created equally.   You need solutions that are customized  for YOUR needs.  We pride ourselves in offering  a variety of customized services for our Dentists, Orthodontists, and Oral & Maxillofacial clients. Webinars, Coaching, & Customized Training are a few of the services we provide.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


Your journey with EMR can create CHAOS within your office.  Whether you have already made the transition or are just now considering the switch to EMR--- We have solutions to help your practice become more efficient and profitable utilizing Electronic Medical Records


Education & Training Solutions


We have worked with hundreds of practices across the United States.  The one common area in all practices is the lack of continued education and training for the entire team.  We provide affordable  courses for the Doctor and team so your practice can continue to be enhanced by all members of your team.


We specialize in OMS consulting, Ortho consulting, & Dental consulting. We provide Electronic Medical Records Solutions & EMR training, continuing education & webinars for the entire Dental team.


Our goal at Right Eye Consulting is to provide Dynamic, Efficient, and Effective solutions designed to Enhance your Practice, Increase Profits, and Enjoy your Patients.

Our oral surgery consultants, orthodontic consultants, and dental consultants each have over 20 years of experience in their field.  We design our solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your Dental, Orthodontics, or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Check out our custom solutions and services. 

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