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Right Eye Management Company 


  1. Do you LOVE being a Dentist but HATE the business side of your practice?

  2. Are you challenged by managing your practice?

  3. Do you despise paying your bills? Do you have enough money to even PAY your bills?

  4. Do you understand how your office should run to be profitable?

  5. Are your employees giving you a headache from the revolving "therapy" door to your office?

  6. Does the insurance coverages and payments cause your heart to skip a beat when you see what they are paying you?

  7. Are you ready to give up?

  8. Would you be happier if you could just find someone to handle the BUSINESS side of your practice so you could just do DENTISTRY and focus on your PATIENTS?



We can help you! 


We have a team of experts to manage your practice so you don't have to.  Here's what we offer:


  • Human Resource Assistance

    • ​Hiring process

    • Evaluations

    • Training & Retention process

    • Dismissal

    • Conflict Resolutions

  • Financial Support

    • Accounts payable

    • Expenses

    • Reports Management

  • Patient Billing Support

    • Insurance processing

    • Payment processing

    • Insurance accounts receivables

    • Patient accounts receivables

  • Education and Training

    • Customer Service and Patient Care

    • Communication

    • Leadership

    • Selling treatment with Integrity

    • Teamwork

    • Efficiency in the Dental Office

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