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Practice Management Enhancement Solutions 

  1. Is your practice in a state of CHAOS?

  2. Are you having staffing problems?

  3. Is your practice just not running the way you want it?

  4. Are you ready to build your own practice but not sure where to begin or how to manage your first year?

Whether your practice has been in existence for awhile or if you are just starting out, Right Eye Consulting can help you enhance your practice and keep you moving in the right direction. We customize our Practice Management Enhancement program to fit your office needs. Let us evaluate the current state of your office and design a plan to get you where you  want to be.

“Sarah has been a joy to work with on improving our office. She has helped streamline the practice, greatly improve cash flow, decreased our outstanding insurance claims, and improve efficiency around the office. Her great sense of humor and positive attitude make it easy for everyone in the office to trust.”


Natasha, Financial Manager

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