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Customer Service Skills--

     Your Patients and Your Referrals

  1. Is your Patient Care Receptionist too busy on the phone to greet your patients as they arrive?

  2. When your best referral calls the office is he greeted immediately with "can you hold?"

  3. Are you losing patients because your team is too busy to answer the phone?

  4. Is your clinical assistant greeting your patients with a friendly smile? or are they too busy inputting information on the computer and fail to even look at the patient?

  5. Do the doctors take time to communicate with their patients and referrals regarding treatment? 

In todays world, we live in a fast paced environment with I want it now but needed it yesterday mentality.  We fail to listen to our patients and our referrals.  We continue to go through daily routines and motions because we have to speed up and get the patients in and out of the chair so we can bring the next one back.  We have so many tasks we are trying to complete, it makes our head spin and we just don't have time to spend with our patients or call that referral back. 


HELLO!?!?!  Your patients and referrals ARE your business and without them you wouldn't even have a practice. Let us show you how to provide OUTSTANDING customer service to your patients and your referrals.  

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