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Leading the Way--

     Leadership skills for Your Practice

  1. He's responsible for those decisions

  2. It's not my job

  3. No one listens to what I have to say

  4. You can tell me but there's nothing I can do about it, I'm not in charge.

  5. Who can I go to to resolve this problem?

Who is leading your office?

Lack of leadership is a common occurence in most have a Administrator, Office Manager, Clinical/Surgical Manager, and an Executive Manager (usually a doctor).  But those are just titles.  Are you ACTUALLY LEADING your office?  Is anyone making decisions or implementing stragetic plans and following through to its completion?  Do you even HAVE a strategic plan to implement or do you just fly by the "seat of your pants" in hopes everything will somehow resolve itself?  Call us to discuss how we can help you imrpove your Leadership Skills.


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