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Team Building and Retreats

  1. Do you want to improve your office?

  2. Does your entire team know the goals of your practice?

  3. Is there a divide between employees----Admin vs Clinical? (front vs back)

  4. Has your practice grown so large that you know very little about your fellow         Doctors & co-workers?

  5. When is the last time you had a strategy session with a plan of action you could actually implement?

Retreats are often dreaded by employees and especially doctors.  In many cases they are seen as a waste of time and money, and a HUGE loss of production.  However, what most don't realize is how the information received from the employees can benefit the organization and INCREASE PROFITS in many situations.  We offer a variety of customized retreats for your practice:  Executive Team, Management, Strategic Planning, or a Full Team Retreat.   We can schedule your retreat at a local venue or a destination resort.  Let us help you design a program that FITS the needs of YOUR practice.

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