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There are 5 stages of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).  
  1. Still using paper charts but considering EMR.
  2. Using paper charts but have made some minor steps to EMR.
  3. Ready to make the transition to EMR!
  4. Currently using EMR but experience alot of FRUSTRATIONS:  slows down patient care, inefficient, unable to locate what you want to see in the chart, production is decreasing, frustrations of dr and team are growing.
  5. Using EMR-- LOVES IT, but want to become more efficient, and increase production using technology!
Our firm has been assisting clients for over 16 years with EMR solutions.  Let us help you with your EMR challenges and dilemmas.  Together, we can create an efficient and profitable practice for years to come.

“You’re a great teacher! I have learned so much from you about how to use the software in my daily routine. I appreciate your patience and helping us figure out what we need to do to go paperless.”


Jane, Administrator


EMR Assessment


Still using paper charts but thinking about transitioning to EMR?  Not sure what you need or where to begin?  Let us help you with the process.  We have transitioned numerous practices and can streamline the process for you.  


We come to your office and observe your daily routine while you are treating patients.  Go ahead and schedule your day as normal---no reason to shut down and lose production.  We want to see the office in action!  We assess your workflow, your equipment, and listen to the fears, frustrations, and requests of the doctors and team.


After your assessment, we provide you with a Plan of Action to move ahead towards EMR.


EMR Virtual Coaching


EMR coaching assists your EMR implementation team to get prepared PRIOR to your transition.  There is a great deal of work you need to do BEFORE you stop using paper charts and begin using EMR. During our coaching sessions we review step by step each process and TEST the functionality prior to going live. We instruct the EMR team on the items that need to be customized within your software program for your practice.  


By using our EMR Coaching, it will simplify, streamline, and stop much of the confusion and chaos that offices typically experience by making the transition on your own.

In a Meeting
EMR Transition


Transitioning to EMR is filled with questions and unknown variables.  With our experience, we eliminate many of those questions and the unknown variables that may come into play if you were to make the transition on your own.  


Depending on the size of your practice and the number of doctors and locations, we typically spend 3-5 days onsite to assure the doctors and all team members are confident with their skills.  We implement an audit program to assure your charts are thorough and complete. 


We understand the importance of treating patients, being available for your referrals, and maintaining your production. During this training period, we will only ask for you to be without patients for a minimal time period-- typically 1 day or less without patients.  This allows for the optimal training for all team members.

EMR Advanced:  Efficiency and Profitability

So you've made the transition to EMR but it's just not efficient.  You're spending more time on your charts, you have more paper now than when you were using paper charts, you're running behind schedule, your production has decreased, and everyone is frustrated!

Let us help you evaluate your current process and streamline your workflow.  We will evaluate where the problems are and implement solutions in order to increase your patient workflow and patient experience, and decrease your frustrations. 


Your number 1 priority is with treating your patients.  STOP wasting time being frustrated with your EMR!  It just takes a simple phone call to take back your practice!

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