• Sarah

Tree of Life

Seasons causes trees to go through many changes all within one year. Yet we as humans want to avoid change as much as possible throughout our entire life.

The tree changes and grows every year. It adds new branches and leaves as it reaches for the sky. However, sometimes there are dead branches which have to be cut away to make room for the growth. The tree will continue to grow and thrive throughout it's life.

We should be more like a tree. It's important for us to go "dormant" for awhile in order to bloom and blossom into what we dream about doing. It's also important to "cut away the dead branches" that are causing us harm and holding back our growth.

We are all here on earth to Learn and Grow and sometimes that means we have to change a little in order to do so. Be open to what life has to offer. Dream your Dreams! Reach for the Sky and make those dreams become a reality!