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Preferred Vendors

We know how difficult it is to find a vendor to provide the service you need in order to grow your practice.  We have compiled a list of vendors we have personal experience with throughout our 30 years in dentistry.  If you would like to add to this list, please shoot us an email and let us know who YOU would recommend and WHY. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is a list of companies that may or may not be a fit for your practice.  We add vendors to our list based on their Products and their longevity in the Dental industry.   **We realize not all practices have had excellent experiences with some of these vendors but our ratings show an overall high approval rate with their clients.  


ADP provides payroll solutions for your business.  They also assist in providing 401k, IRA's, and Human Resource services for your practice.  Call Kathryn Cowen at 317-818-3629 to discuss your needs.

Andrews Construction

Andrews Construction is a full service construction company. They provide accurate estimates and projected schedules for projects which are free of charge.  They enjoy working with owner's and architects during the design phase to add feedback for projects and value engineer items when budgets exceed the owner's funding. They are equipped for any project whether it be from the ground up or tenant finishing an existing space.  They stand by their creed "Commitment, Integrity, and Value are a good foundation to build with."  Contact Scott Andrews 

Bank of America Practice Solutions

Providing Doctors with financial solutions to fit the needs of their practice. Contact Byron Stevens to help you get started. 

Black Talon Security

Black Talon Security understands how complex cybersecurity can be.  We approach every client's network in a holistic way.  Our relationship with you and your practice begins with a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, some basic security testing and conversations around your security goals.  We then take a holistic approach to secure your network, train you and your staff and help you implement policies and procedures to minimize the possibility of falling victim to data theft or ransomware.

Cybersecurity is multi-faceted and we truly believe that you must deploy multiple levels of security in order to protect your patient files and practice.  Relying on just anti-virus and firewalls will not stop all threats.  In fact, most practices that have been recently hit had anti-virus and firewalls in place.  Contact Jules Vergara for your CyberSecurity needs.

CareStream Dental

CareStream offers many solutions for the Dental Community.  They provide Practice Management software, Imaging Solutions, Scanning Solutions, Electronic services for insurance and patient contact.  If you want to enhance your practice with the latest technology, call Carestream at 800-944-6365 or email Joey at

Dental eShare

Their products offer a HIPAA compliant method of sharing and discussing patients health online. You can share documents and images between providers safely and securely.  Their products integrate with many popular practice management software which will assist in streamlining your daily tasks.  Contact Lauren at 866-846-8337 or email at

Heartland Payment Solutions

Heartland offers many solutions to assist your business with finances.  They provide Credit Card processing solutions, Payroll solutions, and even Financial loans. They are endorsed by the Indiana Dental Association. They have saved clients thousands of dollars in fees with their credit card solution.  Contact Tammy Wiley for more information.

Henn Haworth Cummings + Page

Henn Haworth + Cummings is a law firm that focuses on helping small business owners and healthcare professionals.  They work closely with practice owners to counsel them on a variety of legal matters ranging from review and negotiation of practice group, physician or vendor contracts, to HIPPA compliance, to employee handbook creation and HR matters.  They are unique as they offer all of their clients free consultative services on all new matters.  When their clients have a question that could effect their legal liabilities, they never want them to stop and think, "Is this question worth $$$ to call and get an answer to my question"  They are not interested in nickel and diming their clients, they are more focused on helping them.  Contact Tiffany Hanson to arrange your free consultation!

Image pros

Image pros assists you with your promotional items and apparel needs to promote your business and build your brand.  They focus on adding value to each client and using their expertise to determine what makes sense for you and your marketing needs. Email Bruce Steinman, the owner of the company to find the promotional items that best suit your needs. 


Innovcare is a commercial real estate group, focusing mainly on helathcare.  When you're looking for a space to lease or purchase, Innovcare understands the decisions involved and provide an overall strategic approach united with creativity and innovation.  Contact Rob Lukemeyer.

Integrity Solutions Group is a market leader for the installation, service and ongoing computer support of Dental, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic, Endodontic and Periodontics practices across the nation. They have experience with ALL practice management and imaging software.  What sets them apart from other IT service providers is they only service the Dental industry.  Because of this, they understand how a practice operates and how critical it is for your computers to remain up in order to maintain a profitable and smooth running office.  They have over 75 years of combined experience supporting ONLY dental practices Locally and Nationally.

Contact Don Grau from Integrity Solutions Group, and schedule a visit to review what you currently have in place, check the “Health of your Network” and provide you with a full report and price quote at NO CHARGE.

Kuster Dental Designs

Kuster Dental Designs helps Doctors bring to life their vision for their practice.  They do custom designs, and renovations. James is the owner and lead designer.  He speaks internationally on Eco-friendly designs in the dental industry.  Contact James Kuester to discuss your project. 

NEA Fast Attach

Get paid faster with NEA!  I have been personally recommending NEA Fast Attach for years.  I started using this company when they first came out with this electronic solution and they have continued to grow their business and provide excellent solutions for the providers.  You no longer have to wait for the insurance company to receive the requested documentation through snail mail.  You can send documents and images through NEA and get your claims paid much quicker!  Contact Rufus for additional information via phone 800-782-5150 Ext. 1307 or email:


OMSNIC provides Professional Liability Insurance for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.


With PBHS you can build or enhance your Practice image with Websites and videos, Custom logo, Practice Branding, Marketing to your patients and your referrals, and so much more.  Contact PBHS for a consultation to find out how they can assist you with your needs. Email: Jay 

Sikich Accounting Firm

Sikich LLP is in the top 100 Accounting firms in the nation.  In fact, they are #35!  With 14 offices across the country, they are not your traditional CPA firm.  They provide accoutning, tax, advisory, technology, and managed services across the country.  They believe a CPA should be your trusted business advisor... to help you understand the meaning behind the numbers and provide insights to your business and planning throughout the year.  They have been serving health care professionals for over 30 years.  Contact Joe Gordon for your consultation today!

SolutionReach is a Total Patient Management Software Solution  that integrates with many practice management systems.  You can communicate with your patients for appointment reminders, send surveys to them to receive feedback from their experience, enhance your onine reputation, send newsletters, and so much more.  Their customer service has proven to me time and time again how much they care about their clients and the lengths they go to in order to make their clients successful and profitable.  Please contact Amber for additional information:

Sentree Systems

What makes Sentree Systems unique is that they SPECIALIZE in Data Security.  They are dedicated to helping small businesses decrease their risks of security breaches while making them more competitive.  Unlike most IT service providers who consider Data security as just another box to check off on their huge list of to do's, tey take care in customizing a security solution that is UNIQUE to your business.  Email Kevin Mabry to see how secure YOUR data is!

State Farm Insurance

State Farm has a complete suite of insurance coverage for Dental offices.  They offer coverages ranging from general liability to professional liability, and much more. They understand the value of having expertise and getting things done when you need it.  Email Brian Gornik to find out more about your insurance coverage needs.

Stock Yards Bank & Trust

Stock Yards Bank & Trust is not your typical bank.  They pride themselves on building relationships with their customers.  They provide lending capital at low rates to dental offices which can be used for new equipment, buy-ins, buy-outs, construction, or acquesitions. They also provide business banking electronic deposits and personal pick ups so you NEVER have to send someone to the bank again!   If you are located in Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky, they are the bank you should call!  Email Paula Moan.

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